Simpson Story on Lushan Earthquake Relief Work


    The Lushan earthquake occurred at 08:02 on April 20, 2013. The magnitude of the earthquake was about Ms 7.0, centred in Lushan, Ya’an, Sichuan Province. The earthquake caused huge casualties and property loss in the affected area.In addition, the power supply, transportation and the communication were interrupted by the earthquake. The base station, cable and the communication house of China Mobile Ya’an branch were hit hard. 279 base stations were out of service, telecommunications were completely down in 109 villages of Baoxing,which made them isolated from the rest of world for a quite a while.  The severe situation caused manyproblems and difficulties to the relief work.

    The great aid was received when the disaster occurred. Simpson established an emergency relief group after the earthquake. In order to restore the power supply and smooth communication, our generator sets were donated to the disaster area in two batches, the technicians and other staff were sent to Ya’an together with the relief equipment and emergency supplies at the first possible time, our staff went into the battle to ensure the smooth communication and other relief work in the shortest possible time.

    With the strong on-site coordination with commander chief, plus excellent performance of our technicians and the sufficient supplies of Simpson products, we made our duly contributions sufficiently to the affected area to ensure the possibility of restoring the local telecommunication back to normal. Thru this incident, Simpson received great compliment from the local people and the public service facilities in the disaster area.


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