Effective Management

We provide great career opportunities and prospective platform to our employees as per fair competition mechanism. We fully respect our people guided by our human-based management system of people first. We work and cooperate closely under the harmonious atmosphere. We have created a team response mechanism which is characterized in “close team cooperation with high efficiency’.  

Active listener

We have built effective communication atmosphere to learn our people’s demands, discuss their needs effectively and promptly, provide the best solutions to their problems. We work hard to have our employees feel like home and being taken care of.

Comprehensive education

The so-called talent can grow up to be a real talent through the mutual efforts of company and the personnel. Our company has established a scientific human sources management system to develop the learning-oriented team by combined self-learning and training. With our joint efforts to achieve win-win cooperation, the people can improve and display their comprehensive abilities through our platform, the people’s contribution is also the key to Simpson’s success.

People selection

We select people by their abilities and merits instead of their education background. We allocate the job by their characters and develop the abilities according to their specialties.

Distribution job properly

We carry out the strict supervision mechanism by effective authorization and distribution properly. The personnel promotions depend on their achievements and make it to be controlled.

Scientific decision-making power

Scientific decision-making power and effective executive abilities

Excitation system

Clear reward and punishment improve personal innovation.


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